There are days when the noise level of having four children eats away at my mind, body and soul. There are days I just need to run away and have a cup of coffee and take a break.

But this morning. I sat in the quiet and reflected over the last year. It has been a crazy year. You kiddos have been so patient and loving and I am grateful you are apart of my life.

Now I need a break not from you. But from being tired, from hurting, from being sick, from being busy. I need a break so that I can be a good mama to you and a good wife to your daddy. I love you too much to get overwhelmed today. I love you too much to go crazy today. I love you too much to know that it’s okay to say…I just need a break.

I hope that you’ll understand when I turn on a move and put the baby down for a nap and take a hot shower, it’s not cuz I don’t want to spend time with you…I just need a break. I hope you’ll understand that someday will just be better if you hang out with daddy for a while, cuz I need to get out and get a cup of coffee. Not because I need anymore caffeine, but because I need to feel like me. I need a break from translating toddler jargon and tantrums. I need a break from diapers and bottles.

But today, is a good day, so lets go play. And i’ll take a break from this computer, phone, screen that it taking me away from you. 


2 thoughts on “Break

  1. Love! As a first time momma of a two year old, a break sounds pretty good about now. Bravo to you as you embrace four! I love your heart for your babies and I can see it through this one little post. It’s encouraging to me to hear from a seasoned momma that it’s ok to need a break. Cause sometimes I feel like that makes me “weak” or even a “bad mom” when I just can’t even some days… So thank you!

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