About Rachael

Hello – My name is Rachael Dunlap,

I moved to Michigan 12 years ago from Northwestern Wisconsin. I fell in love Michigan!

I love the four very different seasons we experience. Living in the Detroit Metro area suits my soul, I am close to all the city life opportunities and near the wilderness that I can duck away for quiet as I need.

In 2008 I met and married my husband. He is a United Methodist Pastor and we have four beautiful children. When I got engaged, I stepped out of a full time Camp ministry (which I thought I would do till I was old and grey) to pursue family and then a career in early childhood education.

After my husband completed Seminary (2012), I was given a dream opportunity to be a homemaker…I was not content. I want to be involved with ministry in a deeper way.

So now, I Basically sleep very little, drink a lot of coffee (it’s organic and fair trade), and I juggle the loads of laundry, church activities, kid activities, and whatever other “hat” I wear…some days I rock other days end with epic mom/wife fails.

My reporter is always CLOSE

My reporter is always CLOSE

With this blog I hope to accomplish two things; document my discerning journey and share the balance of family and ministry from the perspective of a pastor’s wife.

Contact me at dunlap.r.m@gmail.com


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