Miss Molly Mac

IMG_20170219_150748031I planned on making this blog about our new dog Molly, she is eight years old and has melded right into the family. She had a bad habit of snacking on trash, other than that she is a wonderful addition. The Rabbit, Stu-ella is quite indifferent towards the dog and keeps to herself much of the time. Speaking of animals, the youngest favors pretending to be a multitude of animals–horses and wolves being among the most popular.

I am certain now that the youngest is two, is doing great at potty training (when I remember), that I cannot call him the baby anymore. He in fact is a big boy! He has become a Joy maker in the home and makes the silliest faces. According to the bigs he packs a powerful punch, but I think that will mellow as his words continue to develop. He is very much like his siblings in drive and motivation to excel.


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