Happy St. Patricks Day

Last night I prepped green outfits for myself and the children squeezed green food coloring into the milk and began my morning with the excited sound of children seeing their cereal floating in a pool of green. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

My morning continued as I chased my husband for not wearing green but red plaid on this festive day…forgetting, always forgetting he is RED/GREEN color-blind he states “Oh, I like this shirt even more now” bawhaha.

I have 15 minutes to pause today between studying, work and family. It is glorious. I’ve already had way more caffeine than a normal individual should probably consume and will have to find a bottle of water before the shakes commence…It is a pleasure on mornings that I get bonus time to study/work to use my $2.09 to make a coffee run, close the door of the office I share with Zack at the church and drown myself in doctrine and forum posts.

Today is a little different…we have a GROUPON! Usually we buy these things and forget about them until well after their expiration. So in a few minutes we will pick up the peace maker from preschool and enjoy an already paid for lunch out!

This afternoon I get to work my magic with a little data entry and hope the caffeine surging will keep me awake long enough to get the information on Sunday School Attendance for three months sorted…this information is vital to follow up so
I better get on it before I find myself stuck in a pile of paperwork.

Oh. gel food coloring takes a long time to mix in milk, now I have a half a jug of green milk to turn into delicious things the kids will eat.




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