I am SO proud of the twins! With a bit of bribery on our part they have become readers over the summer. I would even say avid readers.

At the beginning of summer we told them we would pay 1 cent per each page of a book they red. It had to be appropriate to their reading level, and pages with only pictures did not count.

The library let them each get their OWN library card in Berkley! We tried to get to the library every week to renew and refresh the stock pile of options.

The big pay out came the Friday just before school started. Sophia read a grand total of 2,285 pages. This included a children’s Bible of 501 pages. Her favorite story was the birth of Jesus.

The first week of school she attempted to bring this her favorite read of the summer to school and tell her glass about it…needless to say after a conversation with her teacher she ended up choosing a Dr. Suess book. BUT I giver her full props for trying 🙂

Samuel’s reading broke the bank at 7,309 pages! The kid was motivated, he saw the end goal of cash in hand to get a large LEGO set and his work prevailed. He is now reading at a third grade level and has conquered most of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Big Nate and Junie B.Jones Books!

The first grade teachers have required that the students read for 15-20 minutes daily…this has been a very easy transition as the twins are willing to gobble the time with reading.

Toward the end of summer John would ask to have books added to his chart…with Preschool starting today I know he is going to love learning his ABC’s so he can reap the reward of our summer reading challenge!


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