Winding Down

Right now we are in a season of winding down.

Most evenings I just want the kids to go to bed so I can begin my wind down process of playing Carcassonne with my husband and watching our recent Netflix binge before going to bed.

I enjoy the wind down time of the day. It begins with my husband or me reading to the kids who would still rather be tickles and wrestled with. Their growing bodies snuggling close to see the pictures of Laura Ingals, Junie B. or Jack and Annie from favored chapter books. Then the battle of pjs and brushed teeth takes place over who gets to stand in front of the sink first –My reporter usually wins, though he preps the tooth paste for the little boys–he’s a big helper! The tuck-in and prayer routine, those last conversations and hopeful quiet as we descend the stairs sighing a relief that we made it one more day.


Our family is winding down in other ways as well…

Our time in in Illinois is moving toward a close with 23 days before the movers haul our possessions back to Michigan. Sigh, the time has gone so quickly. Noticeably I have begun my transition pull away, it is easier for me to just ride off than have to say 2,000 goodbyes to so many people I will loose contact with. Facebook helps…but distance usually wins.

My first year at seminary is coming to a close. It has been harder than I thought, but challenging in a good way. I am beginning to be filled with Joy again…some mommy’s are wired for multi-tasking work and family…and I have discovered that describes me.

The twins will be engaging in their end of the year activities at school and saying goodbye to friends they’ve called classmates. Kindergarten under their belt they graduate to being a school-ager…am I ready for this…ready or not time is winding down…

My husbands training is ending and the purpose to why we came to Illinois is beginning to take real form.

We are transitioning to new things different things.  We are ready, were nervous and excited. There is a pit in my stomach about the unknown…the things that are comfortable are calling to me and the things that are unknown are filling my dreams.

Time is winding down here and just beginning in Berkley…We are so excited for all that God has in store. No way could we have had this experience, it has been life changing.



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