Loving the book Triggers: Exchanging Parents’ Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses. by Amber Lia and Wendy Speake

The book has 31 chapters short enough for a busy mama to read one a day as a part of quiet time/bathroom reading. Some of the topics it covers are disobedience, strong-willed children, over-stimulation, internal triggers, stress and more! I am pretty sure there are more highlighted pages than not.

My eyes are being opened up to tangible ways I can talk calmly and be an example for my children while guiding them and building into them…Of course practice makes perfect…With the reporter last night when he was once again hogging the bathroom sink frustrating the peace maker and the prayer warrior I pulled him aside and through tears and hugs we waited our turn…The Bed Time Routine went with out a hitch through the rest of the process.

This morning when the prayer warrior stated that she wants to be president…well my attempt to encourage her turned into a catastrophe because I forget that she receives love very differently than I do…she is only six and I have time to redeem myself as a mommy through God’s grace and example we’ll get it!

I would love to do this as a lady’s study at church sometime!

And, the sugar fast I am working on is going well. I am feeling energized and encouraged. That combined with both little boys napping at the same time is like gold! God knows what’s up and what this “mommyinministry” needs 🙂

I would love to continue here but I have avoided my philosophy reading long enough and I have a couple papers to write…

Prayers for God’s unending love to pour out of my soul over flowing with joy and grace. Amen



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