Just a spoon full of sugar

Yesterday was Easter, Happy Easter by the way, and i do not typically give up anything for Lent. I am not big on fasting, I do see the benefit as it is an opportunity for you to refocus your attention on God rather than being distracted by food or stuff.  I usually try to pray more.

Now that Easter and Lent are over and the “normal” time to fast is past, I feel like fasting would be a good way to initiate a life change.

2nd Annual 40 Day Sugar Fast

I am tired of my oldest squishing my once muscular under arm flab. I am tired of the ill fitting clothes and I am tired of my bad attitude!

We have seen repeatedly how too much sugar is affecting the kiddos and frankly is all too often a go to for me as parenting is exhausting, hiding in the kitchen guilty with chocolate breath.

I am going to be held accountable beginning in April with a study group, and I have even reached out to a fitness expert…more on that latter.


I am curious how limiting and excluding sugar is going to directly change me spiritually, physically and mentally. I am sojourning with a group and look forward to the journey. I hope my family has the ability to endure the process of getting the new me.



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