February sure did leave in a hurry. We have traveled and tag team parented SO much lately even when I try to claim the day as an everyone stays in their PJ’s kind of day I am reminded it is Wednesday…the twins have school, we’re out of Jed’s delicious in your coffee but not for the hips whole milk and so I claim the vertical stripe. Next to yoga pants and maxi skirts my vertical striped shirt is as close to pj’s as I can get and still semi-be appropriate for public. It’s a mom day people, the slicked back ponytail and the finger printed jeans add to the glory today.

Thankfully my kids are hilarious and are pretty easy to please. Also, my MIL stashes chocolate chips in my house (and butterscotch chips for the hubs. Seriously, she’s the best! Don’t ask me how she does it. They are always in the freezer there when you need them!).

Can a person consume too much coffee?

I learned today that my one year old can pack in so many strawberries that it is nearly impossible for him to swallow any more…he is a fanatic about berries! I think he ate half the container.

My two year old loaded the cups in the dishwasher because he wanted to be a helper…yup, he just scored major brownie points!

I have way more reading to do for class then is physically possible to read this semester with two theology classes, philosophy and a family discipleship class as well as my MPP interactions…hence the vertical stripe mode. Praising God academic reading is acceptable and that we bought these books, some of them are seriously great!



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