Round Five

We have been told that this area of Illinois/St. Louis is terrible for allergies.

All the kiddos are now taking prescription strength medicine for Perhaps it is because I am wiping their noses all day, it seems that the little boys have been hit the hardest by the allergens in the air.

I am tired of boogers, I am thankful that Sam’s Club sells tissue by the case!

I have tried essential oils, John and Soph love the smell of the oils and what happens when I smear them with the oils (the ability to breath through their nose is what they like).

Sam seems to be the least affected. But poor Jedi, he is on his fifth round of antibiotics due to the ear infections that have continued since September. In a week we have an appointment with an allergist as he as also had a few reactions to food that cause the doctor to want to investigate more of the cause of the booger mess that is going on.

Early January we meet with an ENT (Ear Nose and Throat doctor) with the idea that Jedi may have to have tubes put in his tiny baby ears. My heart is squeezes when I think of this. Several people have suggested that we take him to a chiropractor to alleviate the pressure behind his ears.

He is such a happy baby, I can’t imagine what he will be like when he is feeling 100%


I am thankful for so much love that fills our home




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