Fast Forward Might Be To Fast.

Sometimes I write blog post articles in my head I even take pictures on my phone; the problem is there are days that my life feels like I am watching a movie in fast forward and and the kids lost the remote so I can’t push pause.

Memories are being made.

These last five months have flown by. I am beginning to get sentimental because there are some really great people that I have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know.

No longer do I need the GPS to find the grocery store. My heart is in Michigan. I fell in love with South Michigan, Detroit more specifically in 2004. Long before I knew my husband. Here in the St. Louis metro area I am finding fun adventures and wonderful people; my heart longs for the D and to do ministry there.

We have had so many fun adventures and opportunities. It’s hard to think that in six months the children will be done with Kindergarten and we will be heading back up to Michigan for a brief transition time before the launch of the satellite campus ministry.


We had our first parent teacher conferences, both kiddos are doing well. 100% on all their tests. Their teachers said they enjoy having the kids in class and that you can see how much they love each other when they get to see one another at recess.

John misses them when they are at school but he loves to go shopping with mommy when they are gone as we run errands and have our own adventures. John’s high spirited nature both exhausts me and makes me laugh everyday. He continuously  tests his boundaries and attempts things that scare the daylights out of me in the name of good Ol’ fun.

Jed has been sick a lot while here in the St. Louis metro are. We are going through round four of antibiotics since September and if this doesn’t get rid of the ear infection, then we have to talk tubes with an ENT. He is so happy all the time you would not know how miserable he is feeling. He is crawling and loves finding ‘snacks’.

Zack has traveled to Oklahoma; to Springfield, IL; and to Michigan several times for meeting and conferences to prepare for the upcoming plant. He is looking at heading up to Michigan at least once per month for the next six months and in April he gets to go to England on a John Wesley Pilgrimage.

I have made four trips to Kentucky for my classes as intensives and will finish my first semester on on line course work in December just before Christmas. I have experienced a lot of spiritual warfare about seminary, being a full time wife and mom and my theology of all those things.



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