My Life is a To Do List

The month of September has flown by! I am loving the approaching sweater weather…in fact I am sporing my favorite pine green one right now!

I participated in an all church book study called Love at Last Sight. It was really good and I will use the devotion again. I say this because I am a list person. I like the way I can visually see that I have accomplished something when everything is crossed off. With the study the first focus point was to ‘be all there’. This was difficult for me. I wanted to try and get everything done all at once and I just can to it. I have to do one thing at a time and be all in. SO that does not mean focusing on my tasks…For me this meant my relationships too. I have been working really hard to focus on my time that I spend with my family. When I am not needing to study I wan to make sure I stop and listen and respond rather than react. I will continue to need to grow in this area. For example i still multi task while feeding the baby, and too often I walk away when Sam is telling me the 100th story about (fill in the blank)…growth is happening, I am aware that I get to anxious about sweeping the floors and having no dishes in the sink…the truth of the matter is, I just don’t have time to do it all. I am learning that that is okay.


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