Learning to Laugh


A couple months ago when we went camping and saw the Lincoln museum and New Salem, the kiddos each made a rope. The other day I was studying and I saw Sophia building away. She was playing with John and i asked her what they were doing. Apparently they were monkeys in a zoo. When I took a second look I saw that she had make this swing…she was making monkey noises and swinging from the banister…I laughed so hard!


9-30-15 Samuel lost his first baby tooth with a second close behind! He was so excited to find a $2 bill that his Daddy stuck under his pillow. His teeth are SO tiny. My precious little boy is not so little anymore at over 50 pounds and almost up to my shoulders in height.


John and Jed are good sharers. Sharing germs that is…so we have been playing with soap and water washing toys and building forts. John is really excited about learning the names of colors. He also enjoys telling Zack that he is a man.

20150912_164541 Games and puzzles are easy ways we have found to incorporate fun family time into our crazy schedule.

20150914_232109 I think the count is 23 books for the semester…I am learning how to read faster and glean what I need to know. A few of these are books that will land back on the shelf to collect dust but others are really interesting and will used again and again.

20150906_092548The most exciting thing, I think, that has happened this month. The Associate pastor’s wife had a baby, so Zack had the opportunity to preach in his stead! We are learning so much here. We miss Michigan but are genuinely enjoying our time here. God is growing us in many ways.


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