New Teeth and Hard Work

Last week the little boys did not want to nap…so reading books, eating heaps of fruit snacks, and cuddling became the priority.

There was one moment this week when ALL, yes ALL four kiddos were crying for one reason or another. I honestly was at my breaking point and started to cheer and run around the house like a mad woman…”Yeah, I did it! They are all crying…Whoo Hoo…this is awesome”…you get the idea. Then I sat them all down, gave them a snack, (okay a cup of coffee milk for the big kids and Hylands teething tablets for the little boys). I explained that the only person who needed to cry that much was Jed…the rest of the group needed to use their words or their mama was going to be a crazy lady…it seemed to work at least for a moment. That’s all I needed 😉

 Jed cut his first tooth. I am more then thankful for this as his crabby state on top of John’s whining (he is also cutting molars and potty training), was more then a mom could handle.

Today is the start of something HUGE for the twins. Allowance! Zack and I want our kiddos to know they have three main options with money they have to save, give and then spend. Today they will begin earning $3 a week (were keeping it simple their are only 5),  ChoreChartSamuel and  ChoreChartSophia they each have a chore chart and on it are five different things that they have to do above helping mommy and daddy around the house and putting their toys away. They are only required to work Monday through Friday. They can do all their jobs on one day or through out the week. If ALL their jobs are not finished by Saturday, they don’t get paid.

Off to more adventures as we head into a new week and month. I look forward to the season changing beginning to take place and a new normal in our routine as I begin seminary…it’s the countdown now.


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