Moments with Mommy

Today went by way too fast!

Zack brought the twins to school today so he could have a chance to meet their teachers since he was out of town during the open house. The little boys and I went strait to the YMCA…I am trying to hit two birds with one stone. If I set the timer for 60 minutes on the treadmill and walk at a moderate pace, plug in my ear buds to block out noise, it gives me a solid hour of reading text for seminary while taking care of the E word (exercise). Then the boys and I went to the grocery store. Typically I pick up groceries on Wednesday because Fresh Thyme does double sales on Wednesdays, but we have guests coming tomorrow and I wanted to get specific things to make Ka-bobs. I have been craving them for weeks. Plus it is an excuse to have Zack cook on the grill! John helped me put the produce away and he counted to 15 cute oranges with very little help from mommy, awebin (11) is a hard one to say đŸ˜‰ I love that kid.

Potty training is going…okay. Today for the first time he told me he needed to go to the bathroom…it was too late, but it is a start. He loves his Tomas pull ups. He calls them pantalones.

Zack also picked the twins up from school, then we all headed to Sam’s Club to stock up on meat for the rest of the month.

A few weeks ago we came up with a ‘meal plan’ to take the some of thinking out of this task. Usually it is one of the most favorable things I do. But with seminary beginning in just a few short weeks, my brain juices are needed to be helped out.

Sundays are Zack’s favorite-crock pot meal. which is typically a roast or chicken. 


Tuesday-Ethnic i.e. Middle Eastern, Tacos or a Puerto Rican dishes are our go tos

Wednesday- Pizza, it’s a church night, it’s easy.

Thursdays are My favorite-Breakfast for dinner.

Fridays are the kiddos favorite- Pasta

Saturday- Wild Card, some weeks it is all leftovers, other weeks its popcorn, cheese and fruit, but generally we go out to eat-there are several kid friendly places. And by kid friendly I mean- they eat for free or a reduced price;) 

It is amazing how this list has freed up my creativity and time standing in front of the cupboard trying to come up with something that doesn’t resemble a ‘Chopped’ food basket from the Food Network.

I have a house cleaning schedule too, but the twins will be getting an allowance beginning in September so I have to rethink what days I want to focus on which room. Keeping in mind that they will have more home work as the year progresses.

Speaking of homework, the twins love school! What more can a parent ask for. This will set the tone for the rest of their academic career. I just found out the school district they are in is one of the best in the state! Praise God for opportunities like this.


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