First of Many, Many More

The Twins are officially Kindergartners!! 

And Jed is 6 months already.


What is the new norm now that half my children are else where…First stop, the YMCA. Then a snack for the little boys. John and I cuddled listening to Baby Einstein sing-a-longs and played with play-dough while Jed napped.   DSCN1442

I make home made play-dough and when its fresh its super sticky. John said it was yucky, but he wanted to keep playing.

While John napped, Jed played with ice (he’s teething), ate carrots and oatmeal and cuddled mama…that was his favorite thing.

With the one hour nap overlap, I was able to get some mom jobs accomplished (reading my text books, dishes, e-mail, blogging).  The bonus cuddle time was WONDERFUL; My goal is to get the little boys on the same nap schedule before seminary starts so my work time can be more focused! Overall it was a relaxing semi-productive first day in the new norm.


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