Mommy Moment Monday

We are kicking off Mommy Moment Monday with encouragement. Yes, I am avoiding folding the laundry, and its okay.

Our van…the only vehicle that will house all six of us is in the shop, this meant Zack took the car to church solo (he’s a pastor so we don’t really see him on Sunday). This is a huge bummer because the staff at Christ Church do a fantastic job of making fun/creative lessons. The kids sing songs and say verses they learn over and over all week.

The only other option we had was to squish in to the Dodge, driving illegally with the baby on my lap…which is not a real option in the the USA in the 21st century. So, the kiddos and I did a lesson at home using right now media (which is an awesome resource). I made the kiddos push through the lesson (they of course wanted to color, play and sleep) bribing them with no bake cookies we ended the lesson with a discussion.

Our big take a-way thoughts were: the Bible is a book, made of many books.

Image result for what's in the bible with buck denver

The lesson was about the origin of the Bible. The number of books in the Bible and how the book it self is made. I thought the lesson was a flop until this morning. I overheard the children asking my husband questions about the lesson. Score! I love it when simple truths and tidbits about God’s word stick. At lunch they even asked to watch the next lesson…this is a mommy win (sigh, it’s gunna be a good week).


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