Little House meets Abraham Lincoln

When life is crazy Zack and I crave the woods. A deep longing triggers our soul and we have to go camping. Perhaps we would have been just fine living in the ‘wild west’ or could have called the range home. It seems most of our family adventures this summer are taking us back in time.

This past weekend we went to Abraham Lincoln’s New Salem. There was a wonderful camp ground that cost only $10 a night. The camping area was walking distance from New Salem- a little historical village where Abraham Lincoln lived in his when he was in his 20’s, it was a place that was formative in his becoming a lawyer…and later President. This little community looks like it would have when Lincoln lived there. Though all the buildings except for one are reconstructions, they are all built on the foundations of the original.

It was a wonderful step back in time. We could picture walking the busy town of 75-150 people back in the 1800’s. There grocery shops, two doctors, mills, a school, a blacksmith and a tavern.

The town died out when the fairy boats could not make it up the river.


The buildings are reconstructions on original foundations! Abraham Lincoln walked the roads in front of me. He was 22 and lived here for 6 years. He owned two stores, worked numerous odd jobs, read a great deal about becoming a lawyer.


The children made jump rope.


Abraham Lincoln had a fist fight outside of this building.


The saw and grist mill that started the bustling town of 25 families in New Salem.


Abraham Lincoln’s second store/post office

DSCN1064         DSCN1087

We enjoyed camping and relaxing. After this time away we feel like we are returning refreshed for the busy and fun August that is before us.

DSCN1092 DSCN1096

Jed loves graham crackers, although has not mastered the art of hand to mouth yet.


We enjoyed “fire marshmallow sticks”


We set up a play-tent…best idea ever!

We toured the Lincoln house and the Lincoln presidential Museum

DSCN1049DSCN1134 DSCN1138 DSCN1153

We all napped while Zack checked out Lincoln’s tomb.



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