Moving In and Gearing Up

205 Lee Dr

Zack and the children left Blissfield at 5:30 in the morning and headed to Illinois. I stayed back to make sure the movers got all of our stuff onto the truck. Then headed south myself.

20150627_210302 20150627_204936 20150625_171029 20150626_141723

We camped in and went on adventures. We familiarized ourselves with some of the local shops.

20150625_144536 20150625_144408

The kiddos enjoyed cupcakes from Sweet Katie Bees.

20150626_160141 20150626_173102

We also discovered Eckerts, where we enjoyed frozen custard. We were going to do U-pick blackberries but it started to storm. Instead we bought produce and peanuts. John enjoyed opening the peanuts.

20150701_101735 20150627_083015

This part of Illinois has several really awesome parks with in walking distances or a short dive from our house.

20150704_191254 20150704_183232 20150704_182537 20150704_182403

We went to a Grizzly’ s Baseball game. John was given a ball by the first base umpire.

The firework display at the end of the game was exceptional!

DSCN0864 DSCN0870 DSCN0874

Happy Independence


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