Blissfield Bucket List

As we began packing for the big move life in Blissfield got a little bit crazy. Every time I started to pack the Sophia’s things she would bawl…It broke my heart. She is such a tender little muffin. My ‘eldest’ son Samuel was “good” as long as I didn’t touch the Lego Blocks. And the John, Peace Maker tried scaling the boxes every chance he got, which did not bring peace into my life!

So every chance we got we built family time into the schedule. June was full of one adventure after another and before we know it it was time to say goodbye.

We went to Camp-

Judson Collins Center

The United Methodist Camp Zack and I met at in 2008. This is a place that holds great memories for us. The kiddos love looking at the camp’s farm for new/baby animals. We will miss spending a week serving as camp pastor this summer.

DSCN0459 The baby goats are getting a snack. I think most of the treats landed on the ground as the kiddos squeaked in delight.

DSCN0444 Saying good bye to Tim and Todd. The HUGE Belgian horses.

DSCN0432 Walking the wooded trails, My Prayer Warrior is a finder of treasures for her hair.

DSCN0427 My husband is such a wonderful Daddy. He loves teaching the kiddos about God and nature. Here they are attempting to be quiet and find animals. Judson Collins Center is located next to Hayes State Park and it is not uncommon for wild turkey, deer and an abundance of other wild creatures to find their way on to camp property.

DSCN0425 DSCN0421Sam and Soph being thankful Jesus took their place. DSCN0414

We went up North to the Gladwin area one last time before the move. Zack’s family’s property it there and it is a wonderful place to get away. There are several new babies in the family so we left a baby swing in the trees for the others who will spend time there this summer. 

DSCN0533 DSCN0492 20150528_135643 DSCN0546 Prayer warrior’s first time shooting a gun…she of course loved it!

DSCN0550 Surprisingly my reporter also enjoyed shooting.

DSCN0553The Peace maker wants to do what the Bigs are doing…lap.

DSCN0539The peace maker’s idea of fishing was to toss the pole into the water…

He loved the extra time with Daddy!

We finished up our Wednesday night program with a meal and a talent show.


The ladies at Blissfield Emmanuel UMC enjoyed a fancy tea party. 


We went to Sauder Village.

DSCN0795 DSCN0800

DSCN0814 DSCN0817 DSCN0819 DSCN0822 DSCN0823 DSCN0826 DSCN0828 DSCN0830

We learned so many new things about the Northern Ohio and pioneers at that time. which was fun because Zack is reading the Little house books to the kiddos.

Jed was baptized alone with 4 youth and another little one.


We finished packing with three out of the four kiddos having ear infections and on antibiotics.




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