The work is about to begin.

Hurry and wait, that is what the scholarship application process is like. You rush to fill out forms and meet dead lines. Then wait till you almost forgot about the applications you filled out. Then the day arrives and you hear back from the scholarship folks…whoo hooo! I actually got scholarships! But I also was accepted into the Ministry Partners Program.

Ministry Partners Program Tri-fold_proof-2(1)

I will be participating in a program at Asbury that will allow me to walk away debt free!!! I will essentially be raising support for my seminary degree just like a missionary. $7,000 per year and the Ministry Partners Program will fund the rest. I am so excited to be apart of this opportunity. They will also provide training that will assist me in future ministry fund raising endeavors as well.

This is a huge I mean HUGE blessing. My husband and I are currently debt free, we have four children under the age of five, life does not and will not stop just because I feel called. In fact I think that life has increased it’s velocity since I made the move to head to seminary. So now I pray that I am able to meet my deadlines for the program.

Exciting news I register for classes on Monday…more on what classes I end up with later. I hope to get 12 credits right off the bat. My adviser thinks I am a little crazy, but I figure why not.

He will be one tough kid with two big brothers and a big sister.

Two Months

Two Months

Last night our little Bubby slept for 4 hours straight!!! This sleep deprived mama couldn’t be more thrilled. When he is awake he is beginning to add to the conversation of the family with cooing. He loves being apart of the action. The louder the better. There is so much love surrounding this kid…perhaps too much at times when I find the peace maker sitting on his head or laying on Bubby’s legs…


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