By Appointment Only

I knew that life would not slow down just for me now that I have a new born. But golly, I did not anticipate this…at least not to this extent.

I have been stressed and overwhelmed as of late. Questioning this call that I know is of God. Yet questioning none the less. I think I am just tired and have not guarded my heart against attacks from the evil one. I was beginning to have a little cabin fever but not wanting to take the new baby out in the bitter cold I chose to stay close to home. I am thankful it is warming and Spring is just around the corner.

Our friend B has gone back home. She stayed with us for two weeks while we transitioned to having 4 kiddos. She is such a blessing being number 10 of 13 herself she has a lot of experience with children and helping ‘mom’. The two weeks went by way too fast and we miss having her extra hands and eyes during certain times of the day (Basically anytime the peace maker is awake…he is entering the terrible two’s at 1 1/2).

I say all this because we really could have used her help this week. Thursday the 12th of March my husband rushed me to the ER, i woke him with abdominal cramps. The ultrasound technician informed me that my gallbladder was full of gunk…Translation, gall stones. Apparently all the women in my family either have issues with this or have had their gall bladder removed. Gee, Thanks.

Thankfully I was able to get into surgery Monday, unfortunately it was not with the U of M. I seem to always need parts removed when I go to Ohio doctors. Praise God for My mother in Law, Sister in Law and wonderful Church family for jumping in with our 4 little ones. I was able to have outpatient surgery but will clearly need time for recovery.

But really why should I sit around and recover for long. That just wouldn’t be my style…Months ago I accepted an invitation to give a Lenten breakfast talk. As it turns out that is today…yup just two days post op. Thank you modern medicine once again and for the Holy Spirit for giving me the words to speak. I really look forward to visiting with the ladies today and know that a little time out of the house will actually do my heart well. I am speaking on the hope of Jesus. it is one meaty scripture filled talk.

Rest is best, however. Thursday is the Lenten Breakfast at our church and well my husband will be out of town so I said I could be available to be on hand, with 4 kiddos in toe. Thankfully the body is functional at our church and really pulls together where some people are not passionate others are. It really is the perfect example of different body parts coming together to make one. I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful men and women. And though it may be a little stressful hauling the kiddos there by myself I know that the twins will be helpers as soon as we get there and the baby will have many volunteers with open arms ready to cuddle. Leaving me with the peacemaker who when given a chance will steal the show with cuteness.

So in reflection though my schedule may seem busy it is all filled with good things…Maybe I can rest again on Friday I better pencil that in.

one month


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