Not a Real Birthday

Our plans were set. We were going to the Great Wolf Lodge with the twins to spend some time with just them. The baby, then only 5 months old, was going to have an over night with grandma and grandpa. The freezer was stocked with breast milk. The bags were packed. We were ready for this bonus time!

CAM01380 CAM01387

What began as a fun get away with the twins ended in tragedy.


We planned to do an over night Thursday to Friday. Thursday night was so much fun. We ate out, enjoyed the water slides and explored the arcade. The twins had just turned 4 and were our big kids. They needed this time as much as we did.

Friday morning, began great. We ate breakfast then got ready for a morning of splashing and sliding. Secretly i was hoping to take my little girl to the salon to get our nails done…

My little boy and I headed for the water slide, what a gamer. We went down his favorite laughing and having a great time. He wanted to go again. While standing in line, I began to feel faint. I told my son, after this slide we would need to find daddy. I was doing all I could to stand. We climbed the stairs and I got winded. I was beginning to sweat. I was beginning to panic.

Just make it to the bottom, I kept telling myself. Get your son out of the water, he can’t swim. He needs YOU right now. Do not stop. One step in front of the other. Walk to your husband.

We made it to my husband. I was feeling dizzy. My husband suggested I use the bathroom. I tried, I almost passed out. I needed to get out of here…I needed to lay down. NOW!

CAM01385 CAM01384

My husband took the twins to the arcade while I rested.

I got sick…

This was not good. It registered.

I had been bleeding for the last MONTH, but knew I had an OB appointment soon after our adventure with the twins scheduled, I did not pay attention to my own body.

I called my doctor. Go to emergency NOW she said!

I got a hold of Zack. He packed up our things and we headed toward the car…I made it to the hallway before I fainted in front of my twins…

Praise God, my husband was already on the phone with 9-1-1.

Praise God the staff at the Great Wolf Lodge are trained well! Not a moment passed and they were helping me. The EMT arrived…I was in PAIN. Cramping like labor.

Praise God the Hospital was only 3 miles away, it felt like forever.

CAM01388 CAM01389 CAM01390 CAM01391 CAM01393 CAM01403

Unknown to me, HOURS passed. My husband and the twins sat in the waiting room…some vacation. Food from the vending machine for lunch and the hospitality of the hospital, they waited.

Noises, bleeps, pokes, tests…DO YOU HAVE ANY LAST WORDS, they asked. My mind was not registering their words…I was about to pass out again.

Moments later I am awake.

I see my family…My in-laws pick up the twins. Praise God for family!

I saw the ultra sound I told my husband. But the doctors turned the screen. Why did they turn the screen?

In a flash we learned we were going to have a baby, and just as fast, we learned that baby was not going to make it. They didn’t even move me to pre-op…strait to the operating room!

The doctors said, “if we had waited 20 more minutes to call 9-1-1 and get to the hospital, I would not have made it“.

I had internal bleeding due to a heme-rage.

lost 4 pints of blood…that’s 40% of my blood.

We had a baby who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He/She was at two months of development and implanted in my Right  fallopian tube. It burst with the pressure of the water slide and hot tub…


God is Good, we repeated more times then I can count.

One year ago I was in the Hospital recovering from emergency surgery. We lost a baby we didn’t know we had. Our littlest was only 5 months, how could this have happened?

CAM01394 CAM01406

When I was laying in my hospital bead I yelled out to God, “I guess this means I am going into seminary God…”

I had been processing this the year before…Now it was clear, God was not done with me here. I began pursuing ordination with fervor and purpose…after i recovered from surgery.

CAM01419 CAM01409 CAM01408

They gave me two blood transfusions…I quickly recovered to a point where they felt comfortable sending me home.

CAM01411 CAM01416


This last year was full of what you can call adventures. Near death, traveling to Puerto Rico with the love of my life,  traveling with the family and crossing 11 of the lower 48 states off our list. Being surprised to discover we are expecting, AGAIN.  Family reunions, mission trips and so many other things. I praise God that He did not take me home. I of course look forward to the day where I get to stand in His glory, but I hope I get a chance to turn old and grey before that day comes. Until then. We look forward to the call God has placed on our life and the adventures that, that alone brings to our family.  We anticipate the birth of our fourth child who could come any day. Watching the reporter, prayer warrior and peace maker grow, and striving to meet all my deadlines for the process of ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church.

I am thankful for life and modern medicine and for a God that is Good!

3 peas in a pod


2 thoughts on “Not a Real Birthday

  1. You made a terribly heartbreaking experience sound upbeat. You found the positive in a tragic situation. That is a wonderful gift. It will prove to be a big asset to you in your future ambitions. Sadly, I do no have that gift.

    • I have known early on that God has brought me through various trials so that I can relate to people better. It helps when my blunt bold self gets in the way. You however have been given many other skills and talents that I will never possess i.e.writing your first book and with standing the things you have faced with your own son.

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