Where I am at…

The SPRC (Staff Parish Relations Committee) met and voted unanimously for me to continue the process of seeking ordination.

Charge Conference, is all members of the church who attend the annual meeting,  voted unanimously for me to continue the process of seeking ordination.

I have an appointment with the Board of Ordained Ministry December 4, 10:30 am. If all goes well and there is a majority vote then I will get a mentor and indeed continue the process.

Preaching with a baby bump

Preaching with a baby bump

This past Sunday my baby bump and I preached my first Sermon and conducted my first service with out my husband being present. He of course helped me prep the order of service and edit my sermon, (He is an amazing word smith).

I only had minor technical difficulties due to wearing a dress and no good place to put a cordless mic pack. I thought my boot would work. But the microphone kept turning off. THANK YOU to the youth and staff who are tech savvy!  I needed to have access to the mute option, you do not want to hear my singing into a mic. I appreciate that God accepts a joyful noise.

It seemed to go well I was so nervous my hands turned to ice. Next time I am going to practice taking a sip of water in the middle of the talk.

My mother in law made the trip out to hear the sermon, so that was awesome. And one of the congregation members and I planned that she would make a signal that made me laugh and relax right before the sermon. She Baaa-ed like a sheep to remind me that it is now time for the Holy Spirit to work through me because after all we are all just dumb sheep.

This is a really great church to grow in. I am excited for the next phase…the third trimester, potential mentor placement and Advent!


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