Happy Halloween

fall 2014

Fall is my favorite season.

fall 5 2014

I love the smells and colors changing in nature preparing for what is to come.

fall 7 2014

I love the smell of spices in all the apple and pumpkin recipes.

The sound of leaves crunching underfoot brings a child like thrill to my senses.

princess leia

Halloween. A time of fun, costumes, and candy induced comas.The one day a year where dressing up in silly outfits is socially acceptable. And the anticipation of the Turkey feast that is just around the corner.

This morning I am delighting all of these thoughts, anticipating my kiddos excited squeals when they wake up and remember today is Halloween. Most mornings I would dread those early sounds. This morning I am ready for them.

I really am a morning person. But that does not mean I am ready to greet the world in surround sound when I first step out of bed. I love the morning to take care of my spiritual needs. I love the morning to organize my thoughts. I love the morning to drink a cup of coffee, in quiet. The morning is my time to ‘walk in the cool of the day’ with the Lord. On days that I actually am able to accomplish these things I feel much more productive and capable of being a better wife/mom. Today is one of those days. I woke up at 4 am well rested. I made my respective to-do list and am already feeling accomplished having crossed off a few things. My brain is awake and I am enjoying time to think and pray and drink coffee.

Last night my wonderful husband and I conversed about the direction we are headed. I think it is a valuable piece in this discernment journey to continue to dialogue with each other.  Sharing any tidbits of encouragement or discouragement about my preparing for seminary in the fall. This week Zack has felt a great sense of peace about the financial side of things. Stating that God is reminding him the HE is the provider. I am very aware of the spiritual warfare that is taking place in this discernment process and rather then standing in fear of it, I am standing encouraged by the Lord. There  are days that I am more prepared for battle than other days.

Zack was challenged yesterday with the word opportunity. I have been thinking on that word. I desire to make the most of the opportunities that come. Whether that means as a wife, mom, neighbor or friend. Today being spiritually ready is a great start.

As I go about this chilly Halloween day, I feel ready to tackle the opportunities ahead and anticipate chocolate covered snuggles from the little ones.


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