Mom the Teacher

A friend and fellow pastor’s wife stopped by the house yesterday to drop of a few things for church. The twins and I were in the middle of ‘school’. They excitedly spelled the new word they learned for her O-U-T. She encouraged them and we enjoyed celebrating the achievement of these 4 1/2 year olds.

My goal is to have them reading and able to count to 100 before Kindergarten hits. The Reporter is well on his way academics click with him just like his father. My Prayer Warrior on the other hand is more hands on like her mama and does stuff in her own timing. She would rather have it perfected then go down trying. This can make for ruff days when I know she knows the stuff and she would rather not try to write the letter “R”.

With in 100 feet of our house we have two preschools. My children do not attend either of them. They ask why their friends go there for school and why they do not. We try to be open and honest with them. Before moving to our current house, we decided that we were going to finish pre-schooling the twins at home. In part because I am blessed to be home right now. And mostly because pre-school is expensive. We would rather sock the money aside for their college education while we are a single income family. And we are trying to save for my seminary expenses.

 The twins are not lacking in social interaction. In fact they have two friends spending the night tonight. They have play dates and birthday invites and neighbor kids who take turns playing in each other’s back yards. It’s a good thing they are not allowed to cross the street alone because I am sure I would not see them after the neighbor kids got home from school.


I count down the days they are in Kindergarten, but not too quickly. I am trying to treasure the time with them before schedules and busyness gets amplified.

For now we are going to work on counting, writing our letters, making words, tea parties, cutting paper and gluing it back together. Learning about Jesus and what it looks to love each other including your baby brother who just ran off with the only pink marker and crashed your Lego structure in his escape. And plenty of cuddles, tickles and Rawrring as we chase each other around the house.

family art at your feet



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