Celebration or Panic?!

We are celebrating!

I received an e-mail August 27, 2014

Congratulations! You have been admitted to Asbury Theological Seminary!

You will be receiving an official letter from my director soon, but I wanted to go ahead and give you the good news.

 Less then a week later the official letter from Asbury Seminary…I have been accepted and will begin taking classes Fall 2015.

To be honest I was hoping a trumpet would sound when I opened the letter… Datadada, it’s officially happening, confettee, and streamers fill the air.

Next I have to meet with SPRC, they are the committee at each UM Church that takes care of the staffing needs and paperwork that is required by the conference. They will talk, ask me questions, and vote. If they give me the thumbs up then when I have my next meet and greet with the board things will really get rolling. At a methodological pace of course.

Now time to Panic, I will be taking graduate level classes in one year…I’m not really worried. But I am. I am not a scholar. Good thing God is on my side.

 We are saving almost every penny and teaching the big kids about saving too.

The big kids opened up a savings account from their lemonade and cookie stand.

The big kids opened up a savings account from their lemonade and cookie stand.

 If the year goes according to our plan we maybe financially ahead of the game by a whole semester!

No more carefree coffee shop stops on the way home from grocery shopping, time to buy in bulk.

Coffee Break


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