Praise God for coffee and locks on bathroom doors.

We have three beautiful (I am bias), children. My Reporter and my Prayer warrior are 4 ½ year old twins and my Peace Maker just turned ONE. I love these silly funny crazy bundles of energy with my whole being. After the twins were born we thought, yup we’re done. One boy one girl one shot BAM. Two birds with one stone…

My husband had a dream…Zachariah was given a vision when He and Elizabeth were to have a son in their old age and name him John. My husband is Zack our one year old is John…

Our plan was to have two to three children and be done. Cool we thought two pregnancies three children. We both got what we wanted. But in my heart of hearts I have always longed for a large family (Why not 3-9 children). We are practical people, not to mention planners.

Well we all know what happens when we plan and God has a different idea in mind. We felt called to let God predict the size of our family. A huge peace come over us both.

My mother asked if we were planning on becoming the Duggers from TV…Ah. No, mom. Rather than keeping to OUR plan we wanted to be open to God’s plan for our LIFE. This is not limited to the number of children we have but all aspects of life.

Well that is a risky place to be for planners like us. Three children down we began planning out the rest of our life…That’s when I hear God knocking on my door. Louder this time, the process of discerning The Call came into fruition. We thought well if seminary and having two pastors in one house  is going to be the direction we are headed, we can be and are content with the size of our family.

We did not forget that we asked God to be in control. We just momentarily went into panic. God is unpredictable and wonderful. I had an appointment to shut down the last of my child bearing system…God had other plans. I switched my appointment to an ultrasound…Baby “L” will be joining us in Feb of 2015.

So talk about wrench in my plan. I was going to have two in Kindergarten and one at home ready to jump into seminary. I began re-discerning the going to seminary process. The thought kept coming to my mind that I would be letting the evil one prevail if I didn’t continue forward. So I have applied to seminary. In February we will have four children age FIVE and under, the plan at the moment is that I will begin seminary the same September the twins begin KINDERGARTEN.


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