Five people, Five seatbelts

The journey begins

My husband and I have a goal of traveling with our family to see the 48. Sorry kiddos Hawaii and Alaska will have to be out of your own pocket. We decided to begin this adventure this summer and check eight states on the list. We thought this would be a fun way to teach our children that there is more than just our back yard. As a part of our vacation we incorporated three seminary tours; MTSO, United, and Asbury. The kiddos were troopers! Each seminary had its own strengths.


MTSO was supper with the kiddos being with. We met in a common area where the kiddos could stretch their legs and wiggle around rather than a small office. The twins left with inflatable globes, and a bit of a sugar rush. I loved their beautiful classrooms, campus grounds and the new farm.

United has faced a challenge and is bringing life into a building that was no longer in use. After a fire struck their campus, they bought and are restoring a Jewish Community Center. I did not have an immediate connection with United. However their admissions representative is very personable and I immediately felt like she would assist in any way she was able.  Their book store was great. The children were restless and ready to be done.


When we visited Asbury, it was a little odd as my husband recently graduated from there and I am already familiar with the campus. The hospitality was fantastic. They just finished a remodel and the campus looks great. The children seemed to be at home. The twins at different parts of the tour stated that they were both going to go to school here! WOW. If a four ¼ year old can be impacted that much I should pay attention.


Potters Inn


Thank you Julie for your warm hospitality at the Potters Inn. Wilmore KY feels like home when we stay with you.

Briefly the rest of our vacation then the results of our visits.

Appilachian Museum The Appellation Museum was a high light for me. I love when we mix learning with adventure. My understanding of the folks that live in the mountains grew to a tender compassion. If you pass through Tennessee this is a must see!




 Biltmore Biltmore was exactly was I hopped. I just wished we were able to take pictures of the interior. It was huge and beautiful. A very dramatic opposite to the day before.

 Biltmore gardens





The boys loved the water! My girl was content to play on the shore. The little one especially enjoyed eating the sand – chips and dip style with a shell…








Verginia Verginia

We toured a Native American site from the 1500’s and learned a ton about the resourcefulness of the peoples.


A five day trip through history brings us back to the present and the purpose of this blog.

I applied to a seminary. There was one factor that has made my choice simple. There was only one tour that began with prayer. Only one tour that invited God to be the guiding light in the discernment process as we toured their campus. This spoke volumes to my heart. I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of a seminary that is focused on God as the key factor in the ministry that takes place there. For this reason I sent my application to Asbury Theological Seminary. I plan on starting in the Fall of 2015. I have two fears, the cost and Hebrew. I know that God will make it possible to afford the tuition and I have friends that love the Hebrew language. So my fears are really set at ease and excitement fills my heart.


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